1. Invesment Financing 3. Working Capital Financing
Mashill Finance provides financing facilities for individual and corporate customers for the business development or expansion purposes. This facility includes financing the purchase of road construction equipment from Ruang Teknik Group with a two years tenure or more. This financing facility is tailored for construction-related working capital needs, which includes Sale and Leaseback, Factoring With and Without Recourse with the tenure of less than two years.
2. Leaseback 4. Operating Lease
Mashill Finance enables its customers to refinance its equipment via Leaseback financing product. Specifically for secondhand equipment which was purchased from Ruang Teknik Group. For customers who prefers short term leases, Mashill Finance provides operating lease, with or without option to buy at the end of the lease term.
5. Multi-purpose Financing
Mashill Finance also provides other types of financing facility which can be tailored to meet our customer's demand.
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